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The Problem of Loneliness

According to the journalist Johann Hari in the book, Lost Connections, researchers have concluded, “humans need tribes as much as a bee needs a hive” (pg. 77). When a bee loses its hive, it goes “haywire” (pg. 90). When humans lose connection with other humans, we...

Living the Dream

Everyone has dreams, the pictures of possibilities that aren’t yet realized. Dreams call us to look up from the ground toward the horizon, or even toward the stars. They offer images of possibilities that make life better. They are far away, and require steps of...

A Better Goodbye

In English when we tell someone, “goodbye,” it can mean much or almost nothing. If we are referring to something final with our goodbye, we have to use more words to communicate finality, or more words to wish great things for the other’s good as we depart. Or goodbye...

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