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Where Are You?

Ayeka is an ancient Hebrew word that is still used in daily life today. It means "where are you?" It is used today when a person, parent, friend, compatriot wants to know about your inner-world, the heart experience of you. It is a question spoken towards someone who...

Five Common Pitfalls for Leaders

Leaders find much fulfillment in serving others. Whether it’s serving as a CEO or a parent, leaders most significant moments come when they are giving their gifts, abilities, passion, and creativity. Even so, leaders who pour out great energy doing what is fulfilling...

Gladness and Pain

Gladness comes to us as an outcome of being adept at the other seven feelings we carry inside of us. The other seven feelings are fear, hurt, sadness, loneliness, anger, shame, and guilt (The Voice of the Heart). Our feelings allow us to respond to life on life’s...

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