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Craving Well

To feel a powerful desire for (something) is to crave. Synonyms are long for, yearn for, desire, want, wish for, hunger for, thirst for, pine for, set one’s heart on. To live in craving requires the courage of vulnerability and the strength of patience. To live in...

Hope’s Daring in 2019

The ever-present temptation towards apathy or resignation is the reason hope is so daring and risky. Hope awakens us to wonder, dreams, possibilities, courage and belief. These forms of imagining will always be slightly or greatly painful once we actually face that we...

O Holy Night

My father died December 18, 2010. The song O Holy Night was sung at his funeral. It was beautiful and fitting. It celebrates a light in the darkness, a rescue for a people in need, and the conquering of death in a world where we still must physically die. It tells us...

Stephen James and Chip Dodd will be sharing from their new book, Parenting with Heart on January 24th at Christ Presbyterian Academy

Parenting with Heart – In their new book, Chip Dodd and Stephen James talk about the importance of parents knowing their heart.

Keeping Heart – In this book of reflections, Chip Dodd takes us through the benefits of living from a full heart.

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