Sage Hill Training Application

Application Process:

Step 1) Apply

Step 2) Sage Hill will reach out to you via email so you can schedule a 30-minute phone interview.

Step 3) If accepted to the training you will be sent a registration link.

Step 4) Register and pay your deposit (or pay in full)

Admissions are accepted on a rolling basis and once all the available spots are filled for this cohort, admissions will be closed.

Registration will close on July 30, 2019.

  • Please provide the following questions to two references. Have them email their answers to


    How do you know the applicant and for how long?

    What would you identify as the applicant’s strengths?

    What is an area of of personal/professional growth that would benefit the applicant?

    How strongly do you recommend the applicant for the Sage Hill Training?

    After both references are received, applicant will be able to schedule an interview phone call with a Sage Hill faculty.